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April 20, 2019
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April 20, 2019

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Best Feeding Solution Introduction?

Greenland Zone work closely with you to keep you one step ahead.Best Feeding come in a modular design so you can customize them to match your production process. We also offer services, maintenance, repairs, automation, technology support and training. These are all designed to deliver high quality products and cost-effective processes. Our plants and equipment also meet the most stringent Best Feeding sanitation standards.

Best Feeding

We are working on straw treatment considers it as an excellent technology, worthy of large-scale adoption by farmers, especially in subsistence rain-fed situations. Animal nutritionists believe the technology has not been taken up by farmers due to inadequate efforts made by extension workers. The moisture level of straw during treatment and the duration of treatment need to be precisely understood by extension workers. Initially the duration of the treatment was suggested as three weeks, but it was observed that under Pakistan conditions seven days of treatment time was sufficient. Farmers found the treatment period (three weeks) long and thus a regular supply of treated straw for feeding became a problem. The workers responsible for dissemination of this technology need to be properly trained before they approach farmers to demonstrate the method. Farmers need to be convinced that in the absence of green fodder, feeding urea-treated straws is an alternative option. This requires a good understanding of the treatment process and location-specific indicators (Photos 1 and 2). Yet, in many instances, even well-trained extension personnel failed to convince the farmers to adopt this technology.

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The largest operating cost in a livestock production enterprise is the feed bill. To keep this cost low, one must supply the right amount of feed to the animals. Overfeeding is wasteful. Underfeeding will decrease animal performance and profitability. Therefore, proper animal feeding and nutrition are crucial to the profitability of the livestock enterprise.