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Hygiene Milk Solutions

Greenland Zone

Hygiene Milk Solution

What Greenland Zone provide?

Greenland Zone Milk is one of the few products with a no-recall chance once it is sold. It is highly perishable and has a short shelf-life.  The tests taken on samples of milk require a few days before results are available. By this time the milk has already been sold and consumed. Therefore it is only by taking preventive measures within dairies that we can ensure the safety of our milk. Formal processors are expected to adhere to milk standards of quality and hygiene recommended by the regulatory institutions.

Hygiene Milk

They are expected to test their milk regularly. The Greenland Zone ensures that they can troubleshoot effectively and efficiently if contamination is detected. This is not expected or affordable in the informal sector. There is, however, a serious drive to ensure milk producers all over the country have access to information on dairy hygiene, to ensure safe milk and other dairy products. Milk straight from a healthy cow carries
a bacterial load of 8 parts per ml. This in itself is not a problem at all. The bacteria, some of which are good and others harmful, can however double every 20 minutes given the right conditions. If you do the calculation, you will see that within 6 hours of milk sitting at ambient temperature, the bacterial load can reach 2,000,000 parts per ml. It is thus extremely important that raw milk from healthy cows is
consumed as soon as possible.

If milk must be kept, the temperature must be dropped as soon as possible and maintained at a cool temperature of 4 to 7 degrees centigrade. Fresh raw milk that is cooled to these temperatures has a 3-4 day shelf life. Most contamination occurs after milking! Bacteria are picked up from dirty hands, contaminated dirty milk