Pre Dip Teat Foam

- Acetic acid based
- Iodine based
- Masdisin teat foam is very effective
pre dip teat foam. It contain provitamine B5,
glycerin & lanolin to soften the udder
skin and hydrate it during milking.
footbath and wheels bath.


Post Dip Solution/ Spray

- Masdisin iobar is ready to use post
milking disinfectant which kills funguses
and bacteria that cause mastitis
with 5.5% active iodine.
- It is enriched with glycerin and lanoline
to prevent irritation and to protect the
integrity of the teat.
- When it is used, it dries on teat
& creates a barrier.


Post Dip Film

- Herbal polymer film is post dip anti-becterial which
protects teat orrifice between two milking
- Its also fly repellent
- Enriched with glycerin & lanoline to prevent irritation
It contains a skin softener & substances with
moisturizing cosmetic properties.

Milk Hygiene Solutions02-07

Post Dip Solution

- Masdisin Herbafilm Dynamic, having the
same active ingredients and disinfection
properties of Masdisin Herbafilm but it
does not create a peelable film.
- It creates a very thin waxy barrier on the teat
skin and it comes off easily when you wipe it.